the issues

Our Seniors

Finding ways to accommodate our Seniors and improve their quality of life matters to me. I’ve advocated for policies that help reduce financial burdens on our elderly and improve their quality of care. 

Property Tax Exemptions

Instead of expecting seniors to keep up with bureaucratic processes and technology, we should keep things simple and keep their cost of living low. A policy I co-sponsored eliminates the need for Cook County residents aged 65 or older to reapply annually to receive the Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption. Seniors only turn 65 once and they shouldn’t need to reapply beyond that first year. They worked hard to own their homes and they shouldn’t have to worry about paying a tax bill they can’t afford.

Better Care 

Our seniors deserve consistent high quality care and families deserve to know their loved ones are well taken care of. Legislation I championed creates incentives for people to qualify as trained homecare providers, makes home care more regulated, and reduces the overall cost of care for our seniors. 


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