the issues



Supporting our children as they move on to pursue their careers means helping them find ways to afford it. As a member of the higher education committee, I work hard to find ways of making higher education more affordable and support advanced technical programs for our youth.  

I worked to pass legislation that requires all higher education institutions to be transparent about the affordability of their programs and the cost of course materials to the Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Community College Board as well as posting the reports on their websites. This way, students and families are aware of the true cost of a program before they make a financial commitment. 

Holding Institutions Accountable

When our students are away at college, they should feel safe and have institutions prioritize their wellbeing. That’s why I pushed to require higher education institutions to conduct a sexual misconduct climate survey of all students to identify if students feel threatened and if they need to take action. Institutions report their results so that prospective and current students, as well as parents, are aware of any issues and can push the institution to take action. 


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